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Single Premiere

"Write Out Fair"

GeneOme presents his second music video for the single "Write Out Fair".
This single received high ratings of critics and managed to attract the attention of the public!


Credits: Gene Ome - Vocal, Bass, Tracking, Video Production. Lyric - Gene Ome, Anastasia Petrova. Back Vocal - John Leslielong, Helga Mulevina. Drums - Chris Brush. Guitars - Anton Zhdanov, Kirill Kleymenov, Pit Gashnikov. Cello - Viktor Tarasenko. Violin - Julian Astrakhancev. Mixing - Anton Popov. Mastering - Wim Bult. Video Operator - Alex Seredin. Executive Producer - Mark Elsky.


For song GeneOme - "Write Out Fair"


GeneOme is an international rock project organized by a group leader named Gene Ome. The band was founded in 2017 and released their debut single "Leave Me" in January 2018.

Now the band is preparing to release a new single and clip for the song "Believe in Miracles" and "I'm so sorry". It is also in the process of choosing the platform to raise funds for the release of the full-length album.


Drums - Andy Lund
Bass - Kenan Nordin
Guitar - Owen Kemp
Keyboards - Henry Brown
Vocal - Gene Ome

Our group is looking for volunteers to promote our creativity, content managers, TFP models for filming in music video clips. If you like our music, you can offer your help by writing your proposal to



If you want to see our band in your musical fest in Europe, Japan or USA we are ready to consider all proposals for inclusion in the tour schedule.

Attention! The band is looking for a manager for organizing concerts, if you are ready to start helping us on volunteerism, we are waiting for your letter in the contact form on the right. 


Technical Rider
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Phone: +7(963)5761183